About Co-op

About Co-op

Co-op is a cooperative learning program where homeschool children can sign up for as many as 3 classes. All ages can participate, we even have a place for infants. Each mom or dad volunteers to teach or team-teach a class of their choice. First-time parents are allowed to assist in a classroom instead of leading a class. Nursing moms can have nursery classes. You must be a member of CHEW to participate.

When does the co-op meet?

Co-op meets on Fridays from 9:00 to 12:30 am for 9 weeks in the fall and 9 weeks in the spring. You may choose to participate in one semester or both. (Many high school classes continue through both semesters.)

What does a morning of co-op look like?

We will meet at 9:00am for a morning assembly! Then everyone will be dismissed for THREE BLOCKS of 50 minute classes, as well as a 20 minute break in between the second and last block. Classes are divided by age groups.

What classes will be offered and what will I teach?  

We need classes for ALL ages! Anything academic, or extracurricular is fine!  Usually you can count on some combination of art, science, drama, history, music, PE, etc. The classes are for enrichment or to augment your curriculum (i.e. a biology lab).

What is the procedure?  

During the registration period (August for fall semester and December for spring), you will submit your completed registration form to our Co-op Director, Cerisa Trakimowicz. Please carefully read the Instruction Letter for specific details.

Once Cerisa gets all the classes together, she will send out an email with the class choices. For some of you this is where co-op procedures get frustrating. You would like to know what is being offered before you decide if you want to participate, but she needs to who is participating and what classes will be offered first in order to see if co-op is viable. Please feel free to share ideas beforehand to see what everyone is interested in taking or teaching. 

Cerisa will send an email listing the designated sign up day and your assigned sign up time slot. You will come, pick out your classes, and pay for them at this time. Some classes fill up, so be on time and have first and second choices ready.

If you are not a member of CHEW you can become one at this time for $20. We also collect a donation for the host church at this time of $20 per family. Scholarship money is available for membership and church donations only. See Cerisa Trakimowicz if there is a need. Also, all paperwork will be due at this time (liability release, medical release, Co-op Agreement).


Any questions may be emailed to Cerisa Trakimowicz at [email protected]

If you know of a family who would like to participate in co-op and is not yet a member of CHEW, you may share this email address.