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Expectations of Members

  1. In accordance with our core values, we expect our members to read the bylaws so that they understand to what they are agreeing to by signing the membership application form, and to ascribe to the statement of faith included in these bylaws.
  2. We expect our members to submit to the authority of C.H.E.W.’s decision making body, its board of directors.
  3. Members should follow the Biblical model in resolving conflicts as found in Matthew 18:15-17. If you have a disagreement with another member you should approach the individual with your concerns. If that is not effective, you may ask the board members to assist you in resolving the conflict by mediating or by acting as witnesses in the conflict. Our aim is for peace among our membership, and we expect that all members will “...make every effort to live in peace with all.” Hebrews 12:14. If your conflict is with the C.H.E.W. board and/or its policies, you may petition the board for a hearing with the executive committee.
  4. Renewing members are encouraged to serve on a committee for at least one activity during the school year.
  5. Out of respect for members’ privacy, we ask that you not share the directory information, including email addresses and that you not solicit our members. For business purposes, we have a place in our newsletter for advertisements. Please ask the member’s permission before emailing, forwarding or advertising.
  6. All members are encouraged to participate in our email loop
  7.  Activities
    1. During CHEW sponsored activities, parents are expected to monitor their children’s behavior closely. Parents are responsible for the discipline and correction of their children. If children are persistently disruptive to any activity, and are unresponsive to the parent's efforts to correct that behavior, they may be asked to leave by the activity director or attending board member.
    2. We expect one or both parents to attend any C.H.E.W. activity in which their child takes part, as this is one of the benefits of homeschooling: parent child interaction. A child is certainly welcome to attend an event or activity with another C.H.E.W. family, if that parent is willing to take responsibility for their supervision. However, children must NOT be dropped off without a supervising adult present with them.
    3. C.H.E.W. will not be responsible for loss of personal property or bodily injury to self or family members during C.H.E.W. sponsored events.
    4. What is a Teen? A teen is a child who is in 7th grade or who is turning 13 during the current school year.
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